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nssm is a unique service helper app that provides a valid alternative to Microsoft’s srvany.exe, an app that allows users to run executables as services. The main issue with srvany and other helper programs of the sort is that they are only valid when the programs they are running don’t fail.
This is where nssm comes into play, as it monitors the running service and, if the service in question dies, it automatically restarts it. This provides power users and people who run executables as services with a lot more confidence.
When nssm is running, it automatically looks in the registry for the parameter key and tries to start the program listed in Application. This allows it to start in the directory listed in AppDirectory and bypasses the option flags listed in AppParameters. In short, the same values that srvany reads.
Another good aspect of nssm is that it can be configured to share responsibility with Windows’ services. For example, if an executable running as a service is stable, nssm can be configured to never restart it and let Windows control all the required recovery actions.
Using nssm is quite straightforward: users must simply place the app somewhere on the system and just run it, as it does not require installation. Installing a new service requires users to use the following command: “nssm install <servicename>.”
For more details regarding the general aspects of the app, users are welcome to check out the app’s official page, as well as the description page, and the usage section.







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App Name: nssm Download With Full Crack
Author: Leu Neuheuser
License: All rights reserved.
Short Description: A service helper app that helps execute executables as services.



checks the services table to see if a service with the specified name and executable is installed and runs it if it finds it.


provides an alternative to Microsoft’s srvany.exe, an app that allows users to run executables as services.

nssm 2022 Crack:

nssm [options] install.

nssm usage:
nssm install. [service_name] [parameters] (where service_name is the name of the service you want to install, and parameters is a
comma-separated list of service-specific parameters which can include -h|–help, -r|–runas, -d|–debug)
To start the service, execute:
nssm start.


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Nssm License Key

This app allows users to set up services that are monitored by an
app that is just running. This allows the app to be monitored even
if the service dies. nssm allows users to configure multiple services
and can even be used to monitor more than one executable at a time.
nssm is inspired by the app srvany.exe but makes some changes
preventing srvany.exe from being too “spammy”.
This is not the application for you if you want to run a program
that is self-monitoring and self-recovering. nssm will monitor the
process and determine if the service is stable. If it does, nssm
will not start the service, as there will be no need for it to
monitor itself. nssm will instead pass control to Windows for the
service to handle the recovery. This does not work with all services,
though, so keep that in mind when installing services with nssm.

nssm usage:

nssm install. (restart the current app as a service)
nssm uninstall (delete all the registry entries)
nssm config (shows all the services nssm is currently monitoring)
nssm monitor -p (runs nssm in background and shows it running in the taskbar)
nssm start (restarts a service that is currently running)
nssm config (shows all the services nssm is currently monitoring)

Usage and support:

For the latest version of nssm, there are instructions on github.

The app is currently under active development and is distributed under the MIT license. Therefore, feel free to open issues or submit bug reports or feature requests.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this request. I hope this may be helpful to you.


Mikołaj Gaweł
“title”: “Error handling for Python (Python errors)”,
“dvcs_description”: “Error handling for Python (Python errors)”,
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“dvcs_branch”: “master”,

What’s New in the?

NSSM provides a Command Line interface and API for managing services. It is basically a “naked” version of the tools provided in services.msc. The NSSM version is able to take advantage of the command line interface and make it available through a REST API. So you can then use that to build your own REST API or extend NSSM. For more details, see the <NSSM_home> README.
The only command line switches NSSM accepts are those listed in the app’s readme.
Restart Service:
With the REST API available you can do the following:
– restart a running service
– remove a service
– shutdown a service
– pause a service
– resume a paused service
– unpause a paused service
– query a service for startup options

Source Code:
The source code is available under the MIT license. You can get it from here:

Special Thanks:
Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, feedback and/or contributed: @giacomo, @andr3sm, @insiders, @acegi, @oceanlight, @open-source, @davfse, @pascal, @DrClieger.
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X v10.10 or later
High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, or Yosemite
Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7
500 GB HD space
Graphics card – 4GB recommended
Sun/Intel CPU
Editor’s Note: We have made the ability to select your default resolution and log resolution within the “Settings” tab of Editor mode a system wide setting. If you have changed your resolution to one of the preset settings then this


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