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Araucaria aids a user in reconstructing and diagramming an argument using a simple point-and-click interface. The software also supports argumentation schemes, and provides a user-customisable set of schemes with which to analyse arguments.
Once arguments have been analysed they can be saved in a portable format called ”AML”, the Argument Markup Language, which is based on XML. XML is a flexible language which can easily be used to generate web pages and data with which to populate a database. The definition of AML is available in the file argument.dtd.
Araucaria has been designed with the student, instructor, and researcher in mind. It is sufficiently straightforward to be useful to students learning how to reconstruct arguments, diagram them, and apply argumentation schemes.
Araucaria is sufficiently flexible for instructors to provide their own examples, sample analyses, and alternate sets of argumentation schemes. Finally, it is also sufficiently powerful to be of use in research, particularly in providing examples of argument analyses to support claims.
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Araucaria is a powerful and intuitive tool for argument analysis. It is designed for students, instructors, and researchers. It is highly portable, and runs on both Linux and Windows. Its ability to reconstruct and diagram arguments is comparable with that of more conventional packages, such as Arbor, Medusa, and Argue. Araucaria is designed to be completely open source, and so instructors can easily modify the program to meet their needs.
Araucaria analyses arguments by selecting them and following a simple set of instructions in order to reconstruct the argument and provide diagrammatic representations of the argument. Its full capabilities include the use of 20 schemes with which to analyse arguments. It is user-customisable in order to provide instructors with an extended set of schemes, and its visualisation and exploration facilities allow researchers to quickly discover exactly what structures are present in arguments.
Araucaria is available for free as open source software, available for download from SourceForge.net. It is available on Windows and Linux.
Dedication: This software is dedicated to my mother Maria Inez Leandro, who instilled in me a love of literature and a love of learning.
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Disclaimer: Araucaria is freeware; however the owners of the programs mentioned above can be contacted for licensing fee arrangements.
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Araucaria is a free, open-source tool for the analysis of arguments. It has a very simple, intuitive graphical user interface. The features of Araucaria, which have been developed over the past five years, are described in detail in the user manual. Araucaria runs on Windows and Linux, and also supports Mac OS X.
The scope of the tool is to be used primarily for educational purposes, and Araucaria is therefore primarily targeted at students of argumentation, rather than at students of computer programming. Araucaria’s main purpose is to help students of argumentation analyse and diagram arguments using the definition and notations of the Argument Markup Language (AML). Araucaria’s primary function is to create AML documents of argument analyses, and to produce AML as output.
Argument Markup Language (AML) Description:
AML is a simple text file format based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), but with particular values for representing the definition and notations of the Argument Markup Language. The definition of AML is available as a DTD in the file argument.dtd. The file argument.dtd has been developed by the Information School at the University of Edinburgh, and is freely available from the Edinburgh Web site. In addition, the DTD has been adapted to XML with the file argument.xml, which is also freely available from the Edinburgh Web site.
The main benefits of AML are that it is a text format which can easily be used to generate web pages and data to populate a database. It is also a text format which can easily be used to create a graphical structure of arguments which can be displayed and manipulated by the user. Finally, as an XML format it is directly comparable with other XML formats, and can easily be parsed and loaded into databases such as SQL Server.
It is not the intention of the author of Araucaria to create a rigid software tool for use by computer programmers.
Araucaria’s first aim is to provide an interface between the student of argumentation and the definition and notations of the Argument Markup Language. Therefore, Araucaria is primarily aimed at students of argumentation who wish to use the definitions and notations of the Argument Markup Language, rather than at students of programming who wish to use Araucaria to develop and analyse software programs.
Araucaria is not intended to be a rigorous software tool for the developer of complex software applications. Rather, it is intended to

What’s New in the?

Araucaria supports a wide variety of argument schemes, and it is very easy to extend. Araucaria’s point and click interface makes it possible to create and edit argument schemes, create new argument schemes, and to analyse arguments. Once an argument has been analysed it can be saved in the Portable Araucaria (AML) format, the Argument Markup Language (AML). This is a free format which is based on XML, and which is easy to use.

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System Requirements For Portable Araucaria:

A 60fps or higher refresh rate.
Keyboard and Mouse Controls
The game has keyboard controls for movement, aiming, changing weapons, and interacting with the environment. There are also buttons for turning your view on or off.
The controls in the game are configurable, so you can change how they work. Some examples of the custom options are:
Turn off auto-aiming.
Turn off the VR mode.
Turn on a movement speed that’s more in line with your own


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